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Expository Writing (Expo E25) Academic Writing and Critical Reading

I wanted to post a thread geared toward pre-admits in the Bachelor of Liberal Arts (ALB) Program. I'm curious which professor everyone decided to go with for their "gateway" course into the degree program?

I took Expo E25 with Lindsay Silver Cohen. It was a great course. She covered the Industrial Era. The class would read books such as, "The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair and John Riis’ "How the Other Half Lives". What I liked most about this course, and this professor in particular, was the amount of feedback she gave for each paper and draft that was turned in. She really put forth a great deal of effort to ensure that her students had the proper tools to be an effective writer and critical reader. She is pretty no-nonsense though. Don't expect to coast in any EXPO E-25 course. 

Let us know who you are planning to or took EXPO E-25 with.


  • GratGrat Posts: 293
    Does each EXPO E-25 course have its own subject matter content?  Does the instructor spend most of their time lecturing on the subject matter, or how to write?  I noticed they may have changed the name of the course recently to "Academic Writing and Critical Reading" while EXPO E-15 is just "Fundamentals of Academic Writing."  Thus, I am guessing there is a lot of reading involved in EXPO E-25, while EXPO E-15 is just writing?

    I remember taking a writing-intensive course as an undergrad that covered "The History of Europe in the 19th Century".  I think it was about half reading and half writing, and I think the lecturer primarily lectured about the subject matter.  I had another required English course where the topic was Affirmative Action.  That was also about half reading and half writing.  I wish I had the choice of choosing what topic we studied, though I enjoyed learning about some of the history of Europe.  I remember the word "textiles" coming up a surprisingly large number of times for some reason in that course.

    It seems like Harvard Extension School offers a ton of choices about what subject matter to learn about.  That's pretty cool to have so many options.  
  • KleosKleos Posts: 57
    Yes, each Expos section has a different theme as far as the topic goes. They all seem to follow the same model: read a lot, write a lot, then read and write some more. The main difference being what you are reading. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned a great deal from it as well as Expo E15.

    A quick tip for those that are new to HES. The way Expos is pronounced on and around campus is expahs.
  • I also had Lindsay Silver Cohen for EXPO-25 and agree with the comments above.  She was great.
  • CatsCats Posts: 16
    edited September 2015
    I would also recommend Lindsay S. Cohen without the slightest hesitation—provided you can invest a significant amount of time in essays. Definitely a rewarding class, along with Prof. Robichaud's GOVT E-1050.
  • For EXPO E-15...Elisabeth Sharp McKetta, she's awesome and laid back. For E-25...Lindsay Silver Cohen hands down. Excellent instruction and I loved the subject matter.
  • KleosKleos Posts: 57
    I had McKetta for Expo E-15 as well. I agree, she is really great and the course was a lot of fun. I'm curious did you cover any Benjamin Percy when you took her course? 
  • Yes, "Refresh Refresh" was the Percy we covered. Interesting short story.
  • For E-25, I really enjoyed the Jacob Riis book "How the Other Half Lives". Awesome photography from early 1900's NYC.
  • Adored Geraldine Grimm's version of the class. She was crisp, organized, and engaging,, Excellent feedback on assignments. We read Kafka, Hesse, and Mann. Great foundation course for all the other writing I've done so far at HES.
  • KleosKleos Posts: 57
    Refresh Refresh was really interesting. I ended up reading some more of Percy's work. Enjoyable, but can be intense. Also - Riis' "How the Other Half Lives" I couldn't agree more. Eye opening photography and information. 
  • tokomontokomon Posts: 30
    I had Professor Mask for EXPO 25 and she was very, very difficult. She was really dedicated and explained things really well.
  • Can someone put a list together of all the readings needed for EXPO-15 and EXPO-25? I am taking EXPO-15 with Prof. Sharp.
  • Different instructor, different readings
  • CatsCats Posts: 16
    While time-consuming, Sharp's class remains easy. I am unsure whether we can post the readings publicly but sometimes you can view the syllabus on the official website.
  • Cats said:

    While time-consuming, Sharp's class remains easy. I am unsure whether we can post the readings publicly but sometimes you can view the syllabus on the official website.

    Thanks for the info. I consulted with her and was told to access the Cavas to get the readings. But, I couldn't get into the canvas. So, I am guessing that if you could provide me with a list, that would be great!

  • DmilesDmiles Posts: 41
    Are you talking about Dr. Elisabeth Sharp Mcketta? And are you asking for J term? I took her J term E-15 and she is soooooo laid back. Don't worry about doing the readings ahead of time, you will have plenty of time to do the readings that she assigns. They are short stories and are easily digested. I took her class in Jan 2014 and we still keep in touch. Very nice instructor, easy to get feedback and any assistance.
  • ajordanajordan Posts: 3
    Can someone shine some light on Professor Fobi? I will take EXPO S-25 in the summer time, and hope he is laid back and easy grade...help!
    EXPO E-34 with Steven Wandler. Any feedback is much appreciated. Registered for Fall 2018. Thanks
  • Mr. Wandler is a nice person but tough grader.
  • jonnadyjonnady Posts: 1
    TXTONY said:

    EXPO E-34 with Steven Wandler. Any feedback is much appreciated. Registered for Fall 2018. Thanks

    How did you do? Mind sharing your experience?
  • HugoMontenegroHugoMontenegro Posts: 4
    edited August 2019
    EXPO E-25 with Tamara Griggs, can only recommend her. Amazing feedback, great teacher, and a subject matter that was strangely compelling.
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