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CSCI E-65G: Mobile Application Development with iOS

Hi all! Has anyone here taken CSCI E-65G? I'm really torn between taking this or DGMD E-20 Modern and Mobile Front-End. I'm mainly concerned with the level of programming experience needed; I've taken E-3 Javascript programming and found it pretty easy, and I had a semester of Java many years ago. I fear E-20 would be too easy and just re-hashing stuff I already know, but I'd hate to get bogged down in E-65G and have to drop it. Any guidance or experiences would be helpful. Thanks!


  • MCM223MCM223 Posts: 9
    Since I never got any feedback, I thought I'd leave my experience here in case anyone else is curious. I'm partway through E-65G and I'd say it's moderately challenging for someone with an intermediate amount of programming experience. E-3 is a decent prep, as it gives an overview of closures, which are used extensively in Swift. Most of the challenge in E-65G is due to the Professor stacking multiple calls onto each other, so you need to understand how each call is changing the parameters being passed into it. It gets confusing quickly.

    I'd recommend watching the Stanford iOS development courses on YouTube before you take the class. It helped me a lot and I think I'd be way more overwhelmed had I not watched those and gotten an introduction to optionals and closures ahead of time.
  • GratGrat Posts: 293
    I appreciate the feedback on the course. I've actually been looking into Swift lately - seems so much saner than Objective-C.
  • MCM223MCM223 Posts: 9
    I don't have any direct experience with Obj-C, but from the little bits I've seen in legacy calls while doing iOS development I'm inclined to agree with you :) I do appreciate how Swift is built from the ground up to be readable and concise.
  • GratGrat Posts: 293
    There are some other exciting developments in the world of mobile apps, especially if Apple fully implements Progressive Web Apps. If they do, I'm thinking of turning my Google Docs alternative site into one.
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