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This is a bit off topic but maybe some people here will appreciate that you're not alone if you're in the same position. I was nominated and accepted to a highly selective and prestigious honor society in graduate school. The society has a program awarding a large number of grants for continuing education and professional development every year and earning one would be a nice line on my vita. I applied in the past for money towards some professional development opportunities and was denied. OK, not the best pursuit. But since then I became a life member of the society and they turned down a grant for me to take graduate courses at HES for my certificate and I got e-mail this morning that they've rejected my application this year for a grant towards earning my second doctorate, which is already in progress. This in spite of a long list of awards from multiple organizations, extensive public service, etc. What exactly does this organization want? Ivy graduate work wasn't worth funding, a second doctoral degree isn't worth funding, it's just highly frustrating that in spite of doing everything right I can't seem to get any traction with this group.

OK, that's the end of the rant, and maybe those of you fighting the same battle with a different organization will take some encouragement from the fact that you're not the only one dealing with it.


  • nancymicnancymic Posts: 185
    Perhaps when fourth doctoral degree times rolls around?
  • jcaudilljcaudill Posts: 26
    My long-suffering wife went through the dissertation on my first one and is going through all of this second one, I fear if there is a third, much less a fourth, attempt she's going to have me committed :)
  • jaw_bioinfjaw_bioinf Posts: 11
    @jcaudill what is your doctorate in, and what is the new field?

    It may be that they are too similar in the eyes of the funding agency to be worth spending cash on. I could see funding a science PhD if your previous is in humanities, for instance.

    But two social science or even very different sciences might end up duplicating skills and have some overlapping domain expertise. You could just read up on the second subject and start doing it.

  • GratGrat Posts: 293
    Maybe the money is directed towards some particular PhD research they have in mind?
  • onlymybestonlymybest Posts: 37
    I had a similar issue, my employer would not pay for an additional master's degree or for a co-worker to get a second bachelor's degree. Apparently one degree is enough in many people's eyes, even though the first degree might have been a different field and were completed over twenty years ago.
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