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Come discuss with other HES students in a new forum who are at Harvard Extension School. Talk about life in and around Cambridge, Boston, classes, school, Harvard University, course reviews, and more. Interested in the best ways to travel to Harvard for your residency requirement? Check out the 'On and Around Campus' category for tips and advice. Want to join a book club with other Harvard Extension School students that read through the Harvard Classics? It's a Harvard education in and of itself. ExtensionStudentForum Forum categories include 'Job Postings & Job Seekers', 'Extension Confidential', 'Professional Graduate Certificates', 'HBX', 'ALB' and 'ALM' discussions. Extension Student Forum is brought to you by The Degree Tracker.

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This forum is exclusively for Harvard University students. The sponsor for this forum is an exciting new web app, The Degree Tracker. Track and plan your Harvard Extension School ALM and ALB degrees or professional graduate certificate. Course ratings, instructor reviews, accomplishment badges, planning, tracking, and other tools to help guide students through their HES journey. TheDegreeTracker is proud to bring you this tool to use to track your degree at Harvard Extension School. If you are a student who has more courses than you can keep track of, and you would like to plan out your degree pathway carefully, then track and plan courses with the Degree Tracker to take control of your education. Including course reviews and course ratings, TheDegreeTracker has the potential to not only guide you through your degree, but to let you help other students who might be wondering about the HES courses that you've taken. The Degree Tracker is glad to provide the Harvard Extension School Student Forum (ESF) to help foster a nurturing environment. This forum for was born in 2015 to create better Harvard Extension School friendships, networking, and information to contribute to a better overall HES experience. Extension students formerly congregated at forums such as philfac and extensionstudent. This website has no affiliation with either the philfac or extensionstudent websites. It has been created and run by 100% completely different leadership. For the extension student who wants a bigger taste of what life with other Harvard Extension students is like, combining the Degree Tracker and the extension student forum can foster that sense of community that others have on campus. Another advantage of participating in an online community over the Harvard campus is that extension students can develop permanent relationships with other extension students that being on a physical campus might not necessarily allow, since online students are great at staying in touch online.

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We'd be glad to hear your feedback. It's no piece of cake to graduate with your Bachelor of Liberal Arts or Master of Liberal Arts in a timely fashion, but your Bachelor's or Master's degree plan will only benefit from making use of the Degree Tracker and this exclusive forum for Harvard's marvelous students.

How do I create a new course?

To create a new course, click on any of the "Click to add a new course" buttons found in the Tracker.  No matter which "Click to add a new course" button gets clicked, you will be taken to the same "Create Course" page.  

Only two fields are required to be filled out on the "Create Course" page:  a course title, and a course instructor's name.  As soon as you start typing in the course title, all of HES' courses will appear as the Degree Tracker searches for the right course.  When you find the course you're searching for, notice that the instructor's name is included as part of the result.  Just type that instructor's name into the Tracker and feel free to fill out the rest of the information as much or as little as you like.  

If you've already completed a course, set its status to "Completed HES course."  This will make the course appear on the "Tracking" page of the Degree Tracker.  The "Tracking" page is where only the courses that you have already finished appear.

If you haven't completed the course yet, feel free to leave its "status" field as blank, or select one of the other options.  These courses will appear on the "Planning" page of the Degree Tracker.  Here is where you plan out your future courses at HES.

When you finish a course at HES, just "edit" that course in the Tracker and change its status field to "Completed HES course."  Then it will be automatically switched from the "Planning" page to the "Tracking" page.
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