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How are the recent 'graduates' doing?

How's everyone who's already finished and awaiting commencement? Any news from the administration? Info about graduation, admittance to HAA, other signs of acknowledgment, etc?


  • onlymybestonlymybest Posts: 37
    edited February 2016
    I've heard nothing. My Course Record sheet states:
    Degree Status: Pending Graduate
    Exp. Grad. Date: 08-MAR-16
  • EddEdd Posts: 59
    Same. I did write to Maura McGlame, and she said more info on logistics would be emailed in the next month.
  • Harvard Extension School
    Graduate Degree Program Office
    First Commencement Mailing
    January 2016

    Hello Everyone!

    To help you with your Commencement planning, this mailing includes an outline of the May 26, 2016
    Commencement events and ticket information. In addition, I’ve included information on the Derek Bok Public Service prize, the Commencement Speaker prize, and career services. Please visit the Commencement 2016 webpage for additional information.

    Commencement Day

    Harvard’s Commencement Day involves not one, but four events: (1) Morning Commencement Exercises, (2) Optional Alumni Spread (tote-bag lunch), (3) Diploma Awarding Ceremony, and (4) Alumni Speeches and Keynote Address.

    1. Morning Commencement Exercises (7:00 to 11:30 AM). You meet at 51 Brattle Street at 6:45 AM to walk with your graduating class to the Morning Commencement Exercises in Harvard Yard. The professional programs staff will greet you with continental breakfast and festive music. The Morning Commencement Exercises begin at 8:15 AM with a procession of all Harvard graduates through Harvard Yard.

    2. Alumni Spread in Old Yard (11:30-12:30 PM). You have the option of participating in the University-wide Alumni Spread in Harvard Yard. Given the limited time between the Morning Exercises and Diploma Awarding ceremonies, the Alumni Association provides convenient tote-bag lunches for you and your guests to picnic in Harvard Yard ($15 ea.).

    3. Diploma Awarding Ceremony (1:00-2:30 PM). You and your guests are to arrive at the assigned venue by 12:30. Your guests will proceed directly in to be seated, while staff will line up in order to process into the event venue. The ceremony will begin promptly at 1:00 PM.

    Northwest Building
    52 Oxford Street

    Information Technology, Museum Studies
    First Parish Church in Cambridge
    1446 Massachusetts Avenue
    Biotechnology, Mathematics for Teaching, Sustainability
    First Church in Cambridge
    11 Garden Street
    ALM (15 Liberal Arts Fields), Journalism
    Lowell Hall
    17 Kirkland Street

    4. Alumni Speeches and Keynote Address (2:30 PM - 4:30 PM). Graduates and their guests are then invited to the Alumni Speeches and Keynote Address in Harvard Yard. The keynote speaker will be announced in early 2016.

    Number of Commencement Tickets
    1. Morning Commencement Exercises Two Guest Tickets

    2. Alumni Spread (tote-bag lunch) You purchase as many as you need
    3. Diploma Awarding Ceremony Two Guest Tickets
    4. Alumni Speeches & Keynote Address Two Guest Tickets
    Due to the limited capacity, there are no extra tickets available

    You will receive more detailed information in March about ordering tickets, ticket pickup, cap and gown rentals, photographs, and reception/banquet. Commencement tickets will not be mailed and will be available for pick-up beginning two weeks before Commencement.

    Small children and elderly guests: The Morning Commencement Exercises are always crowded with 30,000 people in Harvard Yard; there are limited bathroom facilities; a seat is not guaranteed; and strollers are not permitted. Please be sure that children and older adults are prepared for the less than optimal conditions. If not, consider simulcast options.

    Simulcast Options: Both the Morning Commencement Exercises and Alumni Speeches & Keynote Address can be viewed live in the Science Center, tickets are not required. Science Center is an ideal option if you have children or elderly guests attending. The rooms are air conditioned and there is easy access to restrooms. Best of all you can SIT and actually SEE the ceremony—big plus!

    Commencement Tips:

    HOTEL REMINDER: Out-of-town guests should book their accommodations now.

    VISA REMINDER: Guests who will require a VISA to attend Commencement should begin the application process as soon as possible.

    ID REMINDER: You will need your Harvard ID card or a valid government-issued photo ID on Commencement day. We will provide all graduates a lanyard.

    Save the Date

    • March 3: Harvard Extension School Annual Job Fair, Sheraton Commander Hotel (see below)
    • March: Online Commencement ticket ordering through Harvard Extension Online Services
    • April 25: Deadline for Derek Bok Public Service Prize (see below)
    • April 25: Deadline for Commencement Speaker Prize (see below)
    • May 19-26: Cap and Gown Rental at the COOP
    • May 16-26: Commencement ticket pick-up at Harvard Extension School offices
    • May 24: Annual Commencement Reception and Alumni Banquet, 6:00-9:30 PM, Annenberg Hall, discount tickets for 2016 graduates and their guests are $65 each
    Derek Bok Prize for Public Service

    You are invited and strongly encouraged to enter the Derek Bok Prize for Public Service competition. The cash prize ($1,000) is awarded to two Harvard Extension School graduates who have contributed to creative initiatives in community service or have long-standing records of civic achievement. To apply, fill out the Derek Bok Service Prize form. The due date is Monday, April 25, 5 PM.

    Commencement Speaker Prizes

    You are also invited and strongly encouraged to enter the Commencement speaker competition. The cash prize
    ($1,000) is awarded to a graduate who delivers the prize-winning (five minute) speech at the Harvard Extension School Diploma Awarding Ceremony. To apply, review the Commencement Speech Guidelines, and submit your speech to by Monday, April 25, 5 PM.

    In addition, graduates are also eligible to compete in the Orations Competition and deliver the prizewinning speech at the morning Commencement exercise in Harvard Yard to an audience of 30,000 +. For more information, go to www.commencement.harvard.edu and click, “Orations Competition.”
  • nancymicnancymic Posts: 185
    Wow thanks. I didn't get one!
  • EddEdd Posts: 59
    I got mine today too. Maybe b/c you have one more class left, Nancy?
  • nancymicnancymic Posts: 185
    edited February 2016
    Maybe Ed but that would leave me no time to plan...if they wait until grades are in, how would i even get tickets, etc? Odd
    Ill check my harvard email as soon as i remember my password. I thought they use my gmail, but maybe not always.
  • I'm looking forward to the May 24: Annual Commencement Reception and Alumni Banquet, 6:00-9:30 PM at Annenberg Hall. I hope @edd and @nancymic are planning to attend. Does anyone know if the professors/instructors attend the reception?
  • EddEdd Posts: 59
    I hope to attend! Do you know if it's open to families / guests as well, or just students? I'll have family in tow, and want to plan accordingly.
  • nancymicnancymic Posts: 185
    Still nothing, but...anyway Ed my tickets are your tickets
  • nancymicnancymic Posts: 185
    Heck yes on the dinner, H!
  • EddEdd Posts: 59
    Thanks, Nancy! I'll take you up on that ticket offer!! :smiley:
  • nancymicnancymic Posts: 185
    Maura said i am on the list. Some email glitch.
  • Edd said:

    I hope to attend! Do you know if it's open to families / guests as well, or just students? I'll have family in tow, and want to plan accordingly.

    Pretty sure it is open to the whole family, but I believe it is $65 a ticket. There might be a free reception before the dinner, but not positive.
  • EddEdd Posts: 59
    edited February 2016

    Pretty sure it is open to the whole family, but I believe it is $65 a ticket. There might be a free reception before the dinner, but not positive.

    Thanks! That's good to know.

  • nancymicnancymic Posts: 185
    edited March 2016
    If there have been any more commencement emails, i have not received them. I must have an old email address deep in the recesses of the system somewhere :(
  • I haven't received anything else.
  • nancymicnancymic Posts: 185
    Thanks much
  • EddEdd Posts: 59
    crickets on this end as well!
  • nancymicnancymic Posts: 185
    No! Darn
  • Email today:

    Congratulations on your hard earned accomplishment!

    Your grades have been reviewed, and your degree voted upon by both the Administrative Board for University Extension and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of Harvard University.

    Your official graduation date is Tuesday, March 8.

    There is no ceremony this month; you'll be invited to participate in the May 2016 Commencement festivities. Detailed information regarding the May Commencement will be sent to you later this month. Please be sure to keep an active email and mailing address on file through Online Services.

    Beginning tomorrow, Tuesday, March 8 you may pick up your diploma at 51 Brattle Street in Cambridge, MA 02138 in suite 502 (M-F, 9-5), request your diploma be sent to you via FedEx, or we can hold on to your diploma until the May 26, 2016 Commencement ceremony.

    Let us know your choice as soon as you can - just send me a quick email. If you would like for your diploma to be mailed, please send me a preferred phone number as well.

    If you have any questions, please call me at (617) 495-9414.

    Warmest regards and congratulations,

    Indea-Quinn Gutierrez
    Office Assistant
    Office of Degree Candidate Advising and Program Administration
  • nancymicnancymic Posts: 185
  • Today's email:

    It's time to let us know that you plan to attend Commencement on May 26th (or not) and order tickets for your guests. You must pre-order tickets. There is limited seating for the big day. Don't delay.

    We need to hear from everyone ASAP. Even if you don't plan to attend Commencement, you need to let us know that on the online form. Thank you.

    Just log in to Online Services, click on Commencement Form (Available March 7th-April 15th):

    - Complete the Commencement Event Tickets Form to let us know if you are coming or not and order tickets. Currently, there are no extra tickets, but if tickets become available we will hand one extra ticket out to the diploma awarding ceremony on a first-come-first-serve basis determined by the date and time that you ordered tickets. So, order your tickets right now!

    - Order and pay for your Commencement Lunch Tickets (optional; $15 per ticket).

    - Finally, complete the Graduate Survey to share your thoughts on your Harvard Extension School experience. Please take a few minutes to give back. We have made changes to our programs and services based on this information. We read every word! You can win an iPad and we will be exceedingly grateful for you feedback!

    Other reminders:

    Cap and Gown Rentals
    You must rent a cap and gown through the Harvard Square Coop, May 19th - May 26th. The Coop opens early for pick-up at 6:15 am on Commencement morning. See the attached PDF for more details.

    Save the Date, Tuesday, May 24, 6-9 PM, Alumni Banquet
    The banquet will take place in Annenberg Hall. Discount tickets are $65 for 2015-16 graduates and their guests. Ticket ordering information will be emailed closer to the event.

    This is the first of many Commencement emails, so stay tuned for more information. If you have any questions, email us at commencement@dcemail.harvard.edu.

  • nancymicnancymic Posts: 185
    Thanks for this. I ordrered tickets because I happened to go looking in online services, but still never received an email. Im annoyed that the banquet tickets arent already available :(
  • onlymybestonlymybest Posts: 37
    edited March 2016
    I'm looking forward to getting my ticket to the banquet too. Does anyone know if the instructors, e.g., Jen Kramer, Dr. Leitner, etc. show up at the banquet? Who presents us with our degree at graduation?
  • nancymicnancymic Posts: 185
    Hmmm I don't know any qnswers :)
  • EddEdd Posts: 59
    I spoke with Jen Kramer yesterday, and she had no idea the banquet was even a thing. She's going to inquire with Jeff Parker to ask whether any faculty usually attend.
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