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Grades are Up & Graduation

Grades are now up and I was hoping to see something to the effect of Congratulations you finished, but instead it just says Pending Graduate for March.

Does anyone know why there is such a long delay from today until March to be considered a graduate? Can I say that I have a degree from HU yet? Did we actually graduate in 2015 since that is when class ended or do we put on a resume that we graduated in 2016 since that is when we receive the piece of paper?


  • DmilesDmiles Posts: 41
  • GratGrat Posts: 293
    Congrats! Remarkable achievement! Wish I could answer your questions - your advisor could probably tell you with 100% certainty.
  • I don't know how things work at HES but if you're in a master's program it isn't unusual to see a delay between having a thesis or capstone approved and the official award date of the degree. When I finished my PhD I defended my dissertation by what was called the second deadline, meaning that I finished all requirements in the fall semester and didn't have to register for any classes in the spring, but I didn't officially graduate until May, rather than December. Be sure to let us know how it works at HES; I'm always curious to see how different schools approach the problem.
  • Thanks @jcaudill for the info. I'll post what happens.

    As for other schools, with my first master's degree I awarded my degree even though I had yet to finish my thesis. Pending graduates were allowed to walk in the May graduation if they were about to finish, but were supposed to receive the folder with basically an IOU in it for the actual degree. To my surprise they gave me an actual degree inside my folder when I got on stage. My adviser just said to get the thesis done by the end of the summer or they would revoke the degree. :smile:
  • @onlymybest - That reminds me of my Dad's story showing up to defend his master's thesis. He walked in the department secretary's office to speak to her, which he always did, and she freaked out trying to cover the fact that she was typing out the document indicating that he had passed his defense, before he started his defense. Of course if your committee is any good you don't get approved to defend unless the work is good enough to pass, but stranger things have happened.
  • EddEdd Posts: 59
    I was wondering the same thing re: graduation. My status now says 'pending graduate, March 6, 2016', or something like that. But I've yet to hear any communication from my advisor or the school re: the process of graduation and becoming an official alumnus.

    I'll post here if I hear anything, but in the meantime if anyone knows how this process works I'd be interested to know.
  • nancymicnancymic Posts: 185
    Mine says pending and. I still have a class left...
  • EddEdd Posts: 59
    @nancymic does it give a March date, or May?
  • onlymybestonlymybest Posts: 37
    edited January 2016
    Thanks @Edd. I sent an email to Maura, asking if there was anything else to do, but I haven't heard back from her.
  • nancymicnancymic Posts: 185
    Hey @Edd mine says May. It would have to since i have one more course
  • GratGrat Posts: 293
    They must have a lot of faith in you, Nancy!
  • nancymicnancymic Posts: 185
    edited January 2016
    Hahaha. At least online services does. Anyway, it does say expected, so they can back out :)
  • Maura states "Nothing more for you to do - the status will change after we award the degrees on March 8."
  • EddEdd Posts: 59
    Great - thank you! I assume after that time we'll hear more about joining HAA, etc.
  • nancymicnancymic Posts: 185
    Fyi, i believe HAA gets your name. I think just sign up for harvard key and log into the alumni site...i think
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