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Anyone attending harvard global networking night next week?

It is on Jan 12 in many many cities

Open to all students
Will anyone be at the harvard club of NY?


  • I may attend the one in Ohio, but I wish I could attend the NY Club. Let us know how it goes.
  • nancymicnancymic Posts: 185
    I'll post pictures :) It's a very cool place. I sure hope it's not 16 degrees. Don't know about Ohio but early this week was extremely cold!
  • nancymicnancymic Posts: 185
    BTW, as an alum, you get to look around by making an appointment so for anyone who finds themselves in NY...
    Last time I was there it was very clear that they want members. The membership recruitment guy spoke to me for some time.
  • DmilesDmiles Posts: 41

    I may attend the one in Ohio, but I wish I could attend the NY Club. Let us know how it goes.

    Which Harvard Club in Ohio? I'm in central Ohio and just sent in my membership.

  • I'm not a member of the club, but was considering stopping by Dempsey's on High on Friday and seeing what it is about. Please post how it is, if you go.
  • How was the Global Networking Night?
  • nancymicnancymic Posts: 185
    So, it was good. It wasnt my first. I don't know about everyone else but i stink at networking. I think if you're really into it, i guess it's good for networking. I like it because the club is cool.
    Last time i went you got a nametag that also included your concentration so you could find others with similar interests but not this time. It was also winter...there is one in June and this one had a different vibe...less party like.
    Last time we paid for drinks, this time no. Only wine and beer. Maybe the no liquor decision was responsible for the lower key atmosphere.
    I have some photos. It turns out that there are some strict restrictions on that though.
    I was mostly thinking about NY, like how its obligatory that you run and jump onto the subway and that you flash other people dirty looks for just being there, haha.
    It was freezing and of course i was in the right spot but on the wrong block and thought please let there be one of those building lobbies that go through to the next street, and there it was!
    The name tags were different. I had what might have been a scarlet E, or maybe it meant student, or even nonmember. Thats probably the likely answer since they are recruiting...
  • Anything exciting happen? Does everyone just stand around and drink? Can you put up the pictures? Kind of sucks that they only had beer and wine, if I go next year I'll be sure to bring my own Vodka and Cola.
  • nancymicnancymic Posts: 185
    edited January 2016
    I can post pictures in the morning. Yes everyone stands around, walks around, etc. There is nothing organized, unfortunately. I would say that everyone is at least 30, and up to perhaps well into their 60s. My nametag had the regular harvard crest; i didnt notice any grad school crests but wasnt looking.
    I met someone who teaches at Princeton amd someone who is a career coach, and a number of business consultants, but again i am really bad at networking. I recgonized a few faces from last year and other people said they have attended in the past. Maybe that is when you get to know people--when you see them on a few occasions...
    It was a fairly relaxed gathering. I guess im not being too helpful, but ask if you have more questions.
    If you bring vodka, you might want to bring tonic:)
    Oh, and I don't know if all of this is the same at every location...
    Also I noticed this time that directly across the street is the U Penn club

  • The Networking Night in Columbus was just at a bar. I didn't go. @Dmiles mentioned that she might be attend, so hopefully she will share her experience.
  • DmilesDmiles Posts: 41
    edited January 2016
    No, actually I am here in Cambridge for J term, so I was unable to attend. I did however, submit my application for membership to the Harvard Club of Central Ohio, and have yet to receive a response. They haven't sent back my dues, so I guess that's a good sign?
  • nancymicnancymic Posts: 185
    edited January 2016
    You could have gone in Boston!
  • DmilesDmiles Posts: 41
    I would've loved to, but had a midterm the next morning. Had to study, study, study!
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