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Help! Any advice on ALM MGMT Econ course...

This fall, I'm planning to take the third and final admission course requirement for the ALM in Management; I have a choice between either Micro Economic Theory with Robert Neugeboren, or Economics of Business with Robert E. Wayland.

Both topics are interesting to me, so I decided to look at the professors, hoping that a superior teacher could be the tie-breaker. Unfortunately, neither professor's reviews are very encouraging.

(I fulfilled the prereqs for either course as part of my BA many years ago).

I'd really appreciate any thoughts from those of you who have taken either course or instructor in the past.

Thank you!


  • Micro Econ Theory with Bruce Watson was a really great course. He is extremely clear, concise, at times funny, and speaks very slowly with a very deliberate set of examples that will make learning very easy. However, his exams are not easy and you really need to absorb the materials and read the text on your own to make sure that you have a good handle on all concepts/theories. I had a personal issue which led to my bad grade at the end, but I would definitely recommend him.
    Hello Everyone.

    I am glad I found this forum. Unfortunately, I only found this after my final which I took yesterday for MGMT 2000. I am taking E-10a next semester with Professor Watson. I am taking it as a pre-requisite for E-1010 for Spring. Unfortunately, my experience with finals for my MGMTS2000 was horrible. It was the toughest final I ever took perhaps becasue I am not coming from Finance background. Actually the new format of course selection on extension website is good. Earlier, I registered for S2000 thinking it will satisfy Financial or Mgmt accounting pre-requisite but I was wrong. It was my fault for not clarifying or doing enough research.

    After my experience yesterday, I am thinking about dropping out of E-10A with professor Watson. I love his lectures but his home works and exams are really tough in my opinion. Everything is a trick question and I am worried of similar outcome if I take any future classes with him.

    I am not yet accepted into any Grad program but I was wondering if someone can advise regarding Econ options and Mgmt and Financial accounting pre-requisite. Spoke to someone from HBX core and folks recommended against that so I am going with regular route of pre-reqs and option A. Also taking Business Rhetoric with Steve Leland..

    Thanks for your feedback
  • Can't be of too much help. You can go to http://www.ratemyprofessors.com to see how others rate Professor Watson.
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